Where to Find Me

Short Version

I’m still writing reviews. You can read them on either Glitchwave or Backloggd.

Slight Longer Version

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted here. I’m not sure if BYOP is dead or just on life support but it’s not looking good.

To make this site work, I had to devote most of my gaming time to playing obscure indie games. While I love indie games, I’ve realized that I don’t want my limited gaming time to be dictated by the needs of this website.

But through writing here I did discover that I enjoy writing reviews, so I will continue to do that. You can find all my latest reviews via my profile page on Glitchwave and/or Backloggd. I post the same content to both sites, so it’s just a matter of which interface and community you prefer.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!